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Fritz M. Nickson
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☩ Fritz N / USA / Extroverted Introvert / Animator, Artist, Weirdo ☩

I'm a huge animation enthusiast/artist, surreal art fan, horror writer and reader, obsessive coffee drinker, daring mold breaker, and crooked jittery human creature.

This DeviantArt account is mainly dedicated to Sonic fan art, but I will eventually be updating both my cartoon blog and graphic novel blog on Tumblr. I will get the links on here upon their completion. Expect lots of strangeness, raunchiness, ridiculousness, and bizarre things to occur here. I am a friendly person. I will do my best to get back to everyone who leaves comments or asks questions.

Alright everyone, time for the November journal! :D

I decided to ask everyone what they're expecting for the 2016 Sony Sonic movie. Plot, designs, pacing, stupidity, etc, whatever! I am wondering because there are two schools of thought so far; and those include "this will suck" and "this will be great."

I for one think that a lot of the potential rides on how much screen time the human cast will get. If it focuses on people whining 80% of the time, then yeah that will suck bad. Don't ruin good characters by dragging them down with pointless one-timers. Also, Sonic must stay true to his design. If they stray too far away into realism, it will kill the sense of him. Sonic has always been a very cartoony little fellow. Emphasize the capabilities the design already has.

I think that the overall tone will be darker. Eggman will be played by a real person, and Sonic is going to be more snarky (which is fine with me.) :) I do think that there is a chance Knuckles and Amy will be excluded, and it will be a Sonic + Tails adventure (but I could be wrong. Knuckles and Amy are very mainstream now in Sonic-land.)

The writers should look back at SA2 for inspiration in how to handle sonic/people relations. Emphasize G.U.N. (who I'm convinced will be featured in the film) and some kick ass military folk. Don't feature weakling idiot people who could drag Sonic down. Show him saving innocent people sure, but don't give us another Chris Thorndike.




I think that it would be best if the plot resolved around Sonic showing up on earth for the first time. Just think of all the craziness you could realistically portray with him panicking in this new, foreign world. Just throw him right into the heart of some big city; boom, right off the bat. If this is going to be done right, it must be remembered that Sonic is technically an alien, so he should be treated as such. Potentially threatening, top secret, and dangerous.

Normal people should completely panic and freak out when seeing him. Not instantly be like "Daww, look at da little innocent hedgehog! WANNA BE PALS?!?!:


I know how these sorts of ideas are trashed by Hollywood. The soap opera and pointless yammering can kill a fast paced movie. Sonic is all about speed, so that must also be demonstrated. I think that the writers should at least be smart enough to showcase the speed in a dynamic matter. Involve lots of travel. Travel is key. Don't limit Sonic to one place.

There is tons and tons of potential to make an absolutely sick movie. I'm talking action-packed mind blowing cool level here. But I know that getting hopes up high isn't smart. How many times have these opportunities been flushed away now? Too many for my liking.

What do you guys think?
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