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You know how it goes. You are minding your own business one solemn day and then all of a sudden, an idea hits you. It screams in your head so vividly that you cannot stop thinking about it. The words, "I am going to make a story/picture out of this!" echo throughout your mind

At some point later on, you grab your laptop, notebook, or whatever other suitable medium you prefer to work with, and stare blankly at it. A few minutes pass, and finally you scribble/type/write down  few fragments of what you saw. After getting so far, you begin to think either one of two things:

1.) This isn't as good as I thought it was.
2.) This is great!

Now I'm sure many people will agree with me that #1 tends to be the case more often than not. You just can't seem to get that incredible story or picture on the paper/screen. What is a desperate enthusiast of the brilliant world of art to do? To be honest, there is no one single method to overcome art-blocks and mishaps, but I can list several here that work great for me and others! 

"Let's do this s**t."

TIP #1 - Expand your knowledge

Becoming aware of the many different types of aspects in the field you are working within is extremely important. If you are a writer of horror, then get out there and read as many books in that genre as you can....Even when you start to see text merging together before your very eyes due to the strain. I cannot stress enough how crucial this is, yet you would be surprised how many people think they can find a way around it. (Note: you don't want to base your writing style off of someone else, but you must learn from the pros how it is done. It helps in ways you wouldn't think it could.) One thing I always do is analyze my college textbooks. I'm reading the content of course, but there are many times where I simply just study how they are written. Yeah. Crazy. Obviously, make sure you know your language's rule inside and out.

For art, start from the bottom up. Learn the basics. As quoted by Bruce Lee:  "I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times." Don't stop with one medium either. Even if you only wish to share certain pieces of your work with others online, you should still take the time out to do different practice in notebooks, and etc. In other words, don't draw JUST anime/manga, or JUST Disney characters. You can share just those individual works with people, but do other things to improve your work overall.

Read. Read read read read read. Observe. Observe observe observe observe. These two words must become one with your mindset. Do it. Always pay attention. Delve into topics you think wouldn't even inspire you, because who knows, somehow it might very well do just that. Listen to people, music, animals, nature, take everything that you possibly can in. Even the tiniest of details may become helpful in some way.

"Even the smartest of people can struggle with obtaining the correct amount of knowledge for their work."

TIP #2 - Revise, Trash, Restart

When it comes to creating something, (no matter what you do at times,) the ending result will be horrific. Erasing and erasing and backspacing again and again become painful after so long....And rather repetitive. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do; RESTART. Revising is undeniably important for any piece, getting it to be just so, but trying to save a bad thing can be futile despite your attempts. If you are experiencing problems, sometimes working on something entirely random will help bring you around. Trying to draw a picture of an action scene that won't work? Jump around and draw a still portrait of something else instead. Attempting to write about that beautifully romantic section of your chapter with difficulty? Turn around and write about a dark tragedy. Flipping the switch off and on so to speak can help jumble up your brain in a good sort of way to get the creative juices flowing.

"Or you can just give up and pick out a dying floor to die on."

TIP #3 - Become Outrageous

Okay, so this one may not be a one-size-fits-all method, but it works for me. I attempt to be the weirdest, most unique, intriguing artist/writer that I possibly can. Obviously not everyone is going to like my work, but as long as I am happy, that is all that matters. Have fun, get wild, go extreme, be willing to break the rules (within reason,) attempt the un-attempted, dare to be different. The number one trait that all of the successful people have in common is what I like to call "the spark."  The most popular books, comics, and artists all share that key aspect. I cannot even begin to name the countless stories that all follow the stereotypical setting, with average characters, living average lives, bla bla bla. Dig a little deeper and come up with something that is entirely designated to you individually. Doing crazy things can reap quite the attention-grabbing results.

"Just....Don't get too crazy."

TIP #4 - Amass a Collection of References

Now before we begin jumping on the tracing bandwagon, I do not mean copying the work of someone else. Having a collection of references is good for your mind. It helps to make things click that originally wouldn't on their own. Gather numerous photos, pictures, books, poems, movies, musical works, sculptures, and whatever else inspires you. Look at them, sort through them, and pick out the ones that really jump at you. Create groups of different: "Feelings experienced when I analyzed this." To be put differently, group together several different things that made you feel dark, or happy, and then try to weed out what it was about the particular source that caused you to feel as such. Before moving on, I just want to let you know that tracing can be okay depending on the extent you're taking it to. If you are aiming to get a feel of how a particular artist draws, then by all means, do it. This allows you to copy their strokes of the brush, which will allow you to be able to clone it properly. WARNING: do not rely on this method. For a quick one-shot deal it's okay, but please, learn to draw by yourself without the training wheels. You can't become a professional cyclist unless you ditch them.

TIP #5 - Get Out

There is a vast world out there. Sometimes, in order to achieve the inspiration you're looking for, you have to get up off your comfy chair and go. Take a drive, a walk, a vacation, anything that will separate you from virtual fantasy land. Stories and art came from real-life experiences years ago, which then lead to people brainstorming with wild imaginations to concoct incredible pieces of legend. If you are at a point where nothing else seems to be working, this is a really good recommendation. (It works for me pretty much every time.) Don't rely on the works of others entirely; learn how to pull from life itself in your own unique way. Splendid opportunities arise when you learn to think for yourself. Lastly, make sure that you are having fun. If you get to the point where you're forcing yourself to do it, forget it. Walk away and come back another day. :)

"Just kick back and admire the waves...If you live near them."

I am in no way a professional advice-giver when it comes to this stuff, but these are some techniques that work for me and friends. Hopefully, I've shared some pieces of info that help a few people out! :D



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†Alias: Folke Fordarv ♌
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Why hello. Welcome to my page. I am an artist in training trying everyday to improve; someday, hoping to become a professional animator or graphic novel writer. My standards of living are normal; plain, just like anyone else who isn't a billionaire.

I am short (sadly, it sucks) and just your average random person (somewhat). I have a mixture of everything in me: English mostly, Irish, Indian, German, and a little Italian.

My favorite color is blue. My favorite Pokemon are squirtle, jolteon, and scrafty. My favorite thing on earth is art, and not just anime and manga. I love sketching other things by hand. (Which blow my digitally drawn scenery out of the water, mostly because of the drawing tablet I have.) I like photography, ancient history, and English. In fact, I LOVE writing; second most favorite hobby.

So anyway, I do believe that's about it. Nothing much more to say, except that I am very glad to have so many awesome supporters! You guys rock! I appreciate every single comment/watch/fave. When I first started posting stuff, I thought:

"Eh, nobody is going to be thrilled with my art, I'll just post it for the heck of it."

And look at what happened! But it's taken work to improve as much as I have. Just look at my first drawings compared to now, (big difference...) I believe in Rock Lee's ways of going about doing certain things. Never give up, and remember that it IS possible for hard work to surpass a genius!

~Lots of love~


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(PS. If you ever find someone else using it, without giving me credit, or asking for my permission, please tell me! I'd really appreciate it.)


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DinofelizC 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
thank you so much for the watch!
Hello, and welcome to Masters-of-Horror !
keses~! nice name pic dude! =3
PercyPo Apr 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha! Thank you! :D
SpeedKick101 Mar 23, 2014   Digital Artist
Aww, thank you for the llama!!! :iconsonichugplz: have these Points 
PercyPo Mar 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! Thank you! :happybounce:
SpeedKick101 Mar 25, 2014   Digital Artist
You're welcome! :iconjoyplz:
SpeedKick101 Mar 21, 2014   Digital Artist
OMG! I just looked through EVERYTHING in your gallery and OMG! It's AMAZING!!!!! Unfortunately I'll never draw like that, but Your artwork is AWESOME!!!!! I added u to my watch, and have u a llama. Probably a ton of faves. AWESOME WORK!!!!!
PercyPo Mar 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much! :D

I am honored that you enjoy my work!

All I can say again is thank you! :)
SpeedKick101 Mar 23, 2014   Digital Artist
You're welcome!!!! :D

Your probably thinking that I'm a crazy person who stalks you know, but that's only cazy me, like that! Hi!Hi!Hi!Hi! Sorry, cazy Bridget got out ^^' 

You're welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Hehehe....:iconsoniclaughplz:
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